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Under the Muumuu

Polly Jumpsuit No. 32

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Muumuus are amazingly versatile but, like I say, "It's hard to do high kicks in a muumuu."

Sometimes you need the movement that only "legs" can provide. 

This jumpsuit is meant to be easy. With the signature oversized pocket, you can leave your purse at home and leave whatever you want in your pockets, as you'll be wearing it everyday. Industrial snaps keep you locked down tight (no kids accidentally pulling your zipper down mid-convo!)

Color No. 32 is intentionally sewn with the "wrong" side of the fabric facing out but, you can choose to have yours sewn with the right side for a more subdued look (see Polly Coat for visual). 

This style is made to order - please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping based on order volume and personalized requests.

If your size is sold out and another is available - order that one and leave your correct size in the notes at checkout!

Size Chart

Limited Availability

Color Number 32 only has enough fabric for 12 total cuts across 3 styles. If you pause, you may miss out forever!


Color No. 32 is 100% Cotton but will shrink in the wash! This is best done as a spot clean, a russian cleaning fluid and steam combo or dry clean only.

Strategic Shrinking

Color No. 32 will shrink up to 4" in the width and 1" in length if washed on a cool, gentle cycle (absolutely no drying!). Washing fluffs up the yarns, giving it a little fuzzier, cozier feeling, if desired.

Example: if you have 40" hips and want to wash your Polly, you could order a size Medium (47" hips) and then intentionally wash it to shrink down to a 43" hip.

To note! Washing is like washing selvage denim. You have to lay it flat and it will take about 24 hours to fully dry. It is worth it if you want to take it on!

Reach out with questions if needed!

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