Which MuuMuu is Right for You?

Which MuuMuu is Right for You?

Analysis Paralysis
This condition is real. 
Too many options that have you equally excited and instead of being able to make a decision, you simply freeze. It's the worst. 
I've noticed a lot of comments on my instagram feed that simply say "How do you choose?!"
The guidelines below hopefully will steer you in the direction that can ease this paralysis and get you on your way to feeling fabulous. 

Scenario One

Do you want the closet staple that is ALWAYS ready and waiting? Ready to be thrown on at a moments notice and make it look like you ooze natural french girl ease all day every day?
You're going to want to shop The Foundation.
This dress was designed with ALL DAY every day comfort in mind. 
Replacement for your morning robe when you first hop out of bed.
Replacement for the plain leggings and athletic top that you routinely throw on to run errands. 
Replacement for the sweatpants you throw on in the evening. 
and it does it with pockets.
The shoulders have been worked and re-worked to get that perfect slope to give you a relaxed look without the frump. One wearer noted how much her body changed by not being restricted by her normal fitted choices. She felt herself standing taller and was surprised by the ease she felt. Another simply said "I feel comfortable AND glamorous!" 
You can't lose. 

Scenario Two

Don't go out much but, when you do, you want to knock out the room?
Holiday All The Way
Don't let the seasonal title throw you off. These pieces are ready when the temps are cooler and the room needs to heat up. Change it up! Throw a black leather jacket and some boots on with your Glam Muu, black out your eye and suddenly you've gone from Soiree to a hidden booth at Chateau Marmont. 

Scenario Three

 You're headed to the beach for Christmas or New Years. Maybe you live by the beach or spend a lot of time at pool parties. Maybe you prefer to be naked most of the time but need to throw on something to answer the door when UPS rings?

This style is not for the faint of heart. YOU WILL BE SEEN COMING AND GOING. The fabric is soft and easy and you can always curl up inside yourself and nap when the world needs to disappear. It's lightweight. Easy to roll up in your suitcase and won't take up much space. Leave it hanging in the sun or a steamy shower to remove wrinkles and you're done. Throw on some sandals, big earrings and a cuff and BOOM! dinner ready. By the time your trip is done, you'll wonder why you bothered to pack anything else. 

Scenario Four

Still on the fence?
Go with the Robetan
You can ease your way in. Throw it over your yoga clothes as you're leaving class to stand our front he legion of Lululemon. Bump up a plain dress with a pop of color. 
Or be brave and wear it closed. EVERYONE will be marveling at your dress. 
Did you know that the phrase
"Oh I could never pull that off."
Translates to
Yeah...go ahead and be the envy of everyone you pass. 
Hopefully this little guide helped. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask for more guidance. I'm just an email away. 






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