Sneak Peek: Fall 2021

Sneak Peek: Fall 2021



It started with a swatch found in June of 2019. Found again in the summer of 2020 and, unable to travel, asking a friend mid-education of the finer parts of your first clothing line production, "would you mind asking them if they still have this fabric." Then completely orchestrating the purchase, holding on to the fabric, sending it to me across the country only for me to then pack it in my car and end up at her house in my move to L.A. 

Oh the twisted lives we lead. 

Under the Muumuu has truly been about that base style, that always fits perfectly, and maximizing fabric choices. With such a small operation, it's the best way that I can play with more while using less. 

Never having done a Fall collection before and being in possession of this amazing fabric that induced all the cozy feelings, I found myself dreaming up a style I did not ever think I'd create - a JUMPSUIT! 

Truth be told, I really got into industrial jumpsuits in the past few years and they are THE BEST throw-and-go solution for when you really want to GSD. Muumuus are amazingly versatile but, like I say, "it's hard to do high kicks in a muumuu." Sometime you just need a little more option of movement that only "legs" can provide. And in considering the best qualities of all of my favorite jumpsuits I got to work. And I loved the results...but something wasn't quite right. So I thought about the muumuu I wore the most and only one style came to mind as the perfect segue into inseams...POLLY! She's got great movement and THE BEST POCKETS! (I don't know about you but, she's RUINED me. I find it impossible to carry a purse anymore). 

The fun didn't stop when I realized I'd love Polly more if I made her on the WRONG side of the fabric. (I LOVE jacquards for this reason - BOTH sides can look absolutely fabulous and it's something I've been doing since my very first project in college). 


This jumpsuit is meant to be easy and it's meant to be FUN! Sort of like realizing, mid shoot, that you have inseams and can (and do) go into full Asana (in heels) on the sidewalk bc inseams are worth the celebration! 

Polly Jumpsuit, Fall 2021, blue and black woven jacquard fabric used on the wrong side. Lu posing in a yoga asana with her arms outstretched and one leg in the air, utthita hasta padangutasana
Figuring out what to do next, I was inspired by something Peder Cho said in one of his TikTok videos. If you don't know his work, Utopia, he's SO entertaining and I'd highly recommend following him on Instagram or TikTok just for the daily dose of enthusiasm. 
He basically said "Go Crazy! Make it Big!" and that's where Stevie came from! Based on a design I created for a Mardi Gras shoot for the Teva blog as commissioned by my friend Whitney, Stevie takes it THERE and then some. Loving named after Stevie Nicks, I envisioned her taking up ALL THE SPACE after a long 18 months of feeling like I needed to keep it all to myself. With sleeves inspired by the traditional Pake Mu'umu'u, known for informal entertaining, you don't need plans to have a good time! Wild and ready to run free, Stevie isn't for the faint of heart but, she is guaranteed to bring you endless stories for years to come! 
Stevie Muumuu, Fabric Number 32, wide muumuu with large Pake Sleeves, named after Stevie Nicks


Once Stevie was complete, I knew exactly what I needed to do. A COAT! 

My forever Fall/Winter look is solid black, head to toe, with a fabulous coat on top. My most favored black and white herringbone, somehow lost in years of moving around, was a floor length winner that always seemed to signal a life larger than it appeared. And with that...Polly became a coat!  But, it couldn't stop there. Honoring that black underneath and just happening to own an excess of black tencel, Polly coat got a solid black companion in the Polly jumpsuit and with that, magic (and pockets on pockets on pockets!) came to be. 

Polly CoatPolly Jumpsuit, Black Tencel

And after ALL THAT EXCITEMENT, there was only one thing left to do. 


And that level of resting comfort could only be achieved in the Edith Ann jumper. 

Edith Ann black and white stripe jumper
If you don't know about Edith Ann, Lily Tomlin's character from Laugh-In, she played a 5 1/2 year old girl pondering life from her big chair. It seemed the only fitting name for this jumper as I've pondered a lot about life in the last 8 months since I made one for myself back in February. Made with fabric purchased back in 2017, I didn't know why I was buying this Italian Fleece but, I couldn't be happier for waiting for the perfect use. 
This first Fall Collection is truly something I am beyond proud of and so excited to bring to you. Dropping Sunday, October 10th, you can sign up for VIP access if you want to get at it early! As always, the fabric quantities are limited and once these are gone, they are gone and with the exception of the solid black Polly Jumpsuit, there is no bringing them back. 
Hit me up with questions! Take advantage of a small business owner. If you're not seeing your size, just ask. If I can make it happen I will. 
Much love!


PS: All of this could not be done without the help of my amazing friend Melissa, Costume Designer of Pen15 and Owner/Designer of Land that Look - whose first season was inspired by the designs of Pen15. Know someone that needs these pieces in their lives? Send it to them! 

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