It's The Summer of Iris

It's The Summer of Iris

If you've been following along on Instagram, you may have seen my "Mercury Retrograde" series: revisiting, redoing, reviewing...every thing that has a prefix of "re" as the planet requests. 

I ended it all with a RE-DO of Iris: giving the split-neck style a slimmer silhouette, taking the side slit a little higher and reducing the deep V ever so slightly. She's now available in size XS- XL and I couldn't be more pleased with the results! 

As it feels like the summer has been flying and the fabrics I'm finding are in short supply, in lieu of doing all the samples in advance, photographing them and posting them up for sale here, I've been going a bit run-and-gun in the Instagram stories and it's been fun! Finding a new fabric, sewing it up 48 hours later, posting it immediately and making it available for sale RIGHT THAT SECOND has been such a fun way to open space for creativity and conversations with you! So many of you have dipped into the DM's to find out more info and it's been such a pleasure getting to chat. Heck, I even sent one member of The Muumuuvement a swatch! 

(Which, if you're thinking "hey! I want one too! head over to the contact page or email me - I'd be happy to make that happen!)

The other major change happening - I"m giving up color names! At this point, since Under the Muumuu has started producing clothes, we're now on our 31st color! That's insane! I'm also working on an archive and color page so you can see the progression from the beginning to now. 

So, without further adieu, I give you Iris in No. 29, No. 30 and No. 31. Each spectacular in their own right and ready to go home with you! 







34 37 42 47 50


26 29 34 39 42


36 39 44 49 52
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 No. 29
No. 30
Iris No. 30
No. 31
Iris No. 31
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