House of Lu is going Under the Muumuu

House of Lu is going Under the Muumuu

Under the Muumuu is the parent company (aka umbrella) name I decided to create once this world of muumuus started to take shape. To me, it was the humor-filled version of an umbrella company. A muumuu is big enough to keep all these things under the dress. Muumuus Across America, then the Muumuu Advent Calendar, a line of Muumuus...who knows what's next? (okay so maybe I have big plans). 

In an attempt to segment and organize thought, I created "House of Lu" to have a focus. But in reality, it's become a distraction. One person is calling the line Under the Muumuu while another is asking "is it House of Lu?". 

Confusion eliminated. 

As of September, this website will officially be Under the Muumuu and all pieces of clothing will be tagged with the Under the Muumuu label.(***this means anyone who owns a House of Lu muumuu is now in the OG VIP category which means surprises await you in the future. Don't have one? The whole store is on sale! Plus you get an extra 10% off if you buy 2 or more. Enter code "MORE PLS" at checkout)

The designs will still be big. The colors bright. The patterns visible from down the street. You'll still get all of that...and more. 

If you're not already following @underthemuumuu on instagram, jump on it! 

Prefer facebook? You can go under the muumuu there too!

Stayed never know what's hiding Under the Muumuu (it's too easy). 

Much love!







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