Direct Contact With Your Favorite Brands

Direct Contact With Your Favorite Brands

Did you notice Instagram and Facebook were down for hours yesterday?

There was still plenty in your feed from the previous hours and days and you may not have noticed.

Small businesses everywhere were freaking out because they couldn't get to you. Which is why it is so important to discuss email and text subscriptions.  

Have you seen this recently?

I'm going to let you in on a secret. Instagram wants to force small businesses (like Under the Muumuu) into paying for exposure. Out of a modest 1400 subscribers, only about 300 on average are actually seeing the content that is posted. 

More importantly, on days like yesterday, when we can't post, this means we cannot get new information to you, like an upcoming launch! 

You might be afraid, overwhelmed by an already overstuffed inbox and regular rapid-fire texts. Yes, there are A LOT of brands out there that will send non-stop because consistency = purchases (we've ALL been there!) Just last night I conducted an experiment and within 30 minutes of confirmation of the subscription and the subsequent discount code I was expecting, there were an additional 4 texts, rapid-fire. I felt like I was under attack!

For Under the Muumuu, email is an important tool to send you a quick visual of what is coming or what might be going on sale and KNOW that it is coming TO YOU and not having to wonder if you've received it or not. 

What I've discovered with text, when done right - it's an amazing throughway directly to the company. For me, it's about sending a specific group of customers a super VIP link to shop early and for those VIPs, having the privilege of being able to text back and ask questions like  "I"m not seeing ___ - can you help?".

Being able to get that response out as quickly as possible (within reasonable working hours!) and know I've gotten you to where you need to be, is an awesome feeling! In my personal experience, I've managed subscriptions with the touch of a button and gotten answers about a question within minutes - when email would have taken hours or days. 

So...if you love supporting small businesses, if you love hearing "WHERE did you get that?! I love it!" and having the chance to gush about a brand YOU found and no one else knows about, then I invite you to be mindful about those email and text sign up requests and know the importance of being in direct contact with your favorite brand. 

And while we're at revealing secrets...if you do love what you're seeing on Instagram, do more than just like it. The system ignores likes and wants to see that you're commenting, sharing it with friends and leaving emojis to let them know how you feel. It goes both helps you get out of the "scroll" and truly interact with what you're seeing. You may even discover you're not so thrilled with what's being fed to you and you'll find yourself going through who you're following to see who hasn't passed through your feed in sometime. Go give them a hello, like an old friend. 

And if you're not seeing what you want to see from Under the Muumuu - take advantage of only having one person on the other end and let me know! Soon enough, those days will be gone and you'll be waiting in line for an answer while someone tries to get my attention. I am here for you! Put me to work. 

All the love!



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